so this is me

i'm rose, i'm fourteen, i like writing and a shitton of tv programs/movies/books/universes/whatever and uhhh
i'm not REALLY GOOD at any one thing i guess?
yeah so anyway
uh there's not that much about me?
i'm going to be a freshman at an alternative high school fall 2013 and i'm really excited
i went to private school for ~2.6 years of middle school and then homeschooled for part of the third year.
i've never actually gone to a 'traditional' school. i'm kind of proud of this.
i mostly drink tisanes, even though coffee is my one true love. i don't react well with caffeine. i will be up all night if you give me any.
uh i have like two dozen pairs of earrings but i've only ever worn three pairs because i'm afraid of hypothetical pain.
my favorite artificial flavor is either green apple or blue/raspberry
i like a few very specific shades but don't have a favorite color (loosely this, this, this, and this)
i do that thing where i say/type certain words over and over until they lose meaning
i have a (self-diagnosed) form of synesthesia called ordinal linguistic personification.
that's about it? i think?
i hope you enjoyed the page filled with basically a bunch of trivia about me.

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