Saturday, January 12, 2013

What People Are Good At

It is interesting, because some people are good at
dancing, dancing or singing or writing or fighting.
Some people are good at skydiving, or piloting planes,
and some are good at arguing in a court of law or shooting a gun.
But some people,
oh, some people are good at what they have learned
years of experience.
Years of pain
Inflicted on themselves
Because they weren't sane enough,
Normal enough,
'Okay' enough
For someone else's liking.
And then, years later
They, in turn
Because the someone else
And tell you,
But let me tell you
They have no judgement
They cannot tell you who you are
Or if you are okay
Because those are things that you have to figure out for yourself.
And that is what you are good at.

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