Saturday, January 5, 2013

In The Grand Scheme Of Things

In the grand scheme of things
Does one math worksheet
One day of going to school
One song downloaded
Make any difference?
In the grand scheme of things,
If something is supposed to happen
Won't it, even if it doesn't happen right when it's supposed to?
In the grand scheme of things,
When it does happen, shouldn't things stay as they were in that
Perfect moment?
In the grand scheme of things, is one more hour going to hurt?
In the grand scheme of things,
Life is only moments
So many moments,
So why does one always seem so important?
The things that matter to us happen in the blink of an eye.
In the grand scheme of things...
Why does October 16th stand out so as it does?
Why January 22nd,
Why October 19th and August 19th and June 17th and January 8th?
Why them?
I know it's not those dates,
It's the moments that happened to occur on them
And yet
Those dates are burned into the back of my eyelids,
I see you in the library on the sixteenth every night just before I fall asleep and I remember my last text to you,
Saying please stop. You think you suffer so much but
Do you see me and think, why not me? Why wasn't it me?
Do you see me laughing and wish it were because of me?
Do you wish that not talking to me was easier on your heart whenever you think of me,
Because you think of me every time you breathe or blink or smile?
So in the grand scheme of things,
If fate has decided that what I want is simply not right,
Then why is that moment slowly taking over everything I do?

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