Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This may sound mean, and I am sorry
but some things are just begging to be said
clawing their way out of you until you just can't hold onto them anymore.
There is a list in my head of the people I will be going to high school with and lately
it seems like those people are getting crossed out one by one
like I won't be able to be around them anymore
and it's not always something I've done
there were four-five-six originally, but now there are
two-three-four, only half gone by my own doing.
Out of the two-three-four there is one who I WANT to keep on that list
one who I want off of it
and two who could stay or could go (but I guess they should stay).
Now, I don't know if the bridges I burned
can be mended.
I think one of them might be already
and I want him to stay
I want to be near his personality; I am self-aware and I know he's good for me
but that last one
the hanging-on six
I was done with them long ago
and honestly this might be for the best
I've been thinking about it a lot lately
and what do we really have in common but a summer camp?
I am happier on my own
it sounds bad, but it feels good to say it
I wish she (two shes)
the Capitol girls (my darling AND the prettiest)
could stay with me too
they keep me okay and sane and smiling
when the hanging-on six
they bother bother bother
I get overexcited
but I can read people and I know when to stop
at least, I want to think that.
I don't really know.
But to the hanging-on six: it's been good. But you don't need to forgive me. I'll be fine.

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