Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stuart Trio (Dalton) - New York

(Told you I would post fanfiction.) 
           “Oh my god, Derek, what are you doing?” Derek grins cheekily at his two best friends, plucking the rainbow-striped umbrella from Julian.
            “Please, like you can say you haven't done stuff like this. It's my turn to get to act like a child. Besides, I'm not going to know anyone but you two, not in this city,” Derek replies brightly. Julian scoffs and Logan ignores them both.
            When Derek starts—as he himself would later describe it—prancing as they cross a street, Julian whips out his phone. Derek's in a tux, as they're on their way back from a big dinner with the Senator, and he's ditched his dress shoes for bright red boots. Julian snorts when Derek looks pensively across the street, as if he's posing. Funnily enough, though, he doesn't catch any looks.
            “This is going on Facebook, Der,” he calls as he takes shot after shot. Then Julian turns around to find Logan, and he's gone, until Julian spots a flash of blond meters away and he takes off running.
            “Logan! Wait up—Where are you going?”
            Logan turns around for just a second and shouts over a woman's head, “Just because Derek won't know anyone doesn't mean I won't!”

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