Saturday, November 10, 2012

Love is Not Love

Love is not love
not in absolution
is Lutheran the religion
there is a priest
a confessional?
Or is that Catholicism,
where I could go
tell someone everything
be absolved of my sins.
That sounds like a damn good idea
I want to tell someone everything
for them to listen
and not judge
and not know me
There's a woman
who I talk to.
A counselor, by profession
a friend by choice
she knows about you
she knows who you are
she knows how angry I got at you
how bad you are for me
and I can't tell her
because she would tell me
this is a bad idea
this won't end well
it won't be good for you
It would be
it really, really would.
I would be happier
until you found your next girl
or boy
or whoever.
I know you would
we would be foolish teens
make plans for the future
while you would be drifting
towards someone
probably someone I know
I care about
the way that she was.
you never know, right?

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