Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Won't Feel It

I gave you my heart
to hold in your hand
and you
you let it sit
you let it stop beating
then you jumpstarted it with your own
you told me it was all going to be okay
you dropped it
on purpose
trust me, that was no accident
you wanted to grind it into the dirt with your heel
and I let you
stupid girl, I should have known, I should have known
because I didn't know better
but now
I am guarded
I'm not gonna let you back in
i'm not
I promise you that
even if you come around
it's not worth it to deal with you
with your jerkiness
your insensitivity to everything
your insecurities
your innocence
your goddamn face
because you're an asshole
you led me on
you told me everything I do made you happy
you told me I was adorable
that my blog posts made you blush
that you were honored
that you didn't want me to cry
you didn't want to ruin things
but you know what?
My heart burned
you threw it in the fire
my heart is as white as ash
as red as fire
and as black as coal.
And want to know what else?
You can have it back
crush it under your heel again
go for it
I won't feel it.

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