Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Cannot Sleep

I can think clearly at night, when terrors abound and my mind drifts away to places I have never seen and never will again.
And just like travel, whether by air or sea or none of the above, it's never quite the same.
Even though I know I'm the only one awake, my friends creep out of the shadows, my family from under the bed, and my favorite characters slither off the bookshelves.
All of them take over my thoughts
So that my mind is reeling, gears are turning, belts are moving,
And I cannot sleep.
I can never sleep, not with thoughts of a broken man who watched his family die, a dog, dead too young and wishing he could come back, and a divorced father who only wants what he thinks is best for his daughter.
I can never sleep.
My mind is racing
My stomach flipping
My heartbeat way over the speed limit
As I think of being just friends, of first loves, of truth or dare
My gut is churning
My god but I feel nauseous
Because I remember
I have to do this again tomorrow.

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