Saturday, November 10, 2012

Color (Nothing Is What It Seems)

red is for love and passion and lust
but it can stand for blood
for danger
red tells you, i'm close to my tipping point
i'm dangerous
stay away
I don't want to hurt you
orange is for happiness
and for deceit
for infidelity
and distrust
for a tryst that leaves you satisfied
but worried that he'll find out
because you love him
you love them both.
yellow is for sunshine
and for ugliness
or illness
it says, there is sickness here
whether the jaundiced skin of an alcoholic
or the sharp scent of a hospital.
green for life
and green for envy
saying, I want what you have
I want to be more like you
i'm jealous.
blue for the impossible
for strength and discipline
but blue is sadness
that look in someone's eyes that says, 'i've given up'.
purple belongs those who are young
purple is vitality
royal and strong
but purple is bruises
an eternal ache inside.
pink is the flush of rosy cheeks
whether from happiness
or shame
because you were happy until they came along
them who ruins everything
until you don't remember how it feels to be happy.
Nothing is what it seems.

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